2018-10-01: Både CB Save Earth Fund och CB European Quality Fund är nominerade till Sustainable & ESG Investment Awards 2018! CB Save Earth Fund i kategorin Best Environmental Fund och CB European Quality Fund i kategorin Best Ethical Investment Fund.


Investment Week om Sustainable Investment Awards: "The awards are aimed at fund managers and organisations who are at the forefront of facilitating or investing in themes that take into account the environment, ethics, as well as social and corporate responsibility, and whose work promotes a greater understanding into the sector's potential. Whether it is clean energy, water, climate change, better healthcare or improved infrastructure, investors are actively seeking ways to invest in companies that supply solutions to these major global challenges. Ethical investing continues to be a popular way of screening out investments such as alcohol and arms, or screening in investments that make a positive impact. While socially conscious investors increasingly look to invest in companies and projects that make a positive impact on society or take into account a company's environmental, social and governance (ESG) record."


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