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CB Fonder offer its ethical and sustainable management concept to private as well as institutional investors through the European equity fund CB European Quality Fund and the global environmental fund

CB Save Earth Fund



Performance (%), in EUR - values as of 15 Jan 2021

  Fund NAV MTD YTD Ann1  
Latest factsheet CB European Quality Fund      
  - A 146.66 +1.7 +1.7 +7.8  
  - D (distr. 6% p a) 95.92


  - I 196.24


Latest factsheet CB Save Earth Fund      
  - RC 24.39


+3.9 +7.3  
  - IC 24.50 +3.9 +3.9    
  - ID (distr. 6% p a) 12.93 +3.9 +3.9    


Share prices and values may increase or decrease and investments are always associated with a risk of loss. Past performance is never a guarantee for future performance.

1 Annualized return since inception (EQF: Nov 1995, SEF: June 2008)

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CB Save Earth Fund invests in the three structural mega-trends renewable energy, cleantech and water. Follow the exciting progress at the fund's website!


In focus

CB Save Earth Fund is one of the first funds in the world to receive The Nordic Ecolabel, Nordic Swan!

Nordic Swan labelled funds aims to develop companies and savings in a more sustainable direction. Read more about the criteria here.


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