Ethics and Sustainability Policy

CB Asset Management has implemented ethics and sustainability both internally in the organization and externally in the investments made by the funds, CB European Quality Fund and CB Save Earth Fund, managed by the company. The company has implemented a policy for the organization within four areas:

  • Financial sustainability - the company's financial position
  • Social sustainability - employee benefits, satisfaction and well-being
  • Environmental sustainability - environmental impact from operations
  • Diversity - promotion of independent opinions and critical questioning and diversity with regards to age, gender, ethnicity as well as educational and professional background.

Ethics and sustainability in the external investments made by the funds managed by the company are not based on a philanthropic approach but aims to generate absolute and competitive returns to investors. The funds managed by CB Asset Management invest in companies with stable growth in profits and a long-term sustainable business model, which is why the funds do not have any holdings in so called "big oil/gas" companies and thus no exposure to so called "stranded assets". 


CB Asset Management does not invest in companies active in:

  • Production of tobacco or alcohol
  • Weapons manufacturing
  • Gambling
  • Pornography

These restictions are valid also for companies who supply services/products to the above mentioned industries. Activity in these industries is defined as accounting for 5% or more of the companies reported revenue in the most recent annual report.

CB Asset Management aims to invest in companies which promote human rights and should therefore show diligence in the management of funds with investments that pose a risk of contributing to:

  • Harmful forms of child labour and forced labour or unreasonable working environment (defined in the UN Rights of the Child Convention and ILO Conventions nr 29, 87, 98, 105, 138 and 182)
  • Deliberate discrimination of employees due to gender, race or religion (defined in the UN Declaration of Human Rights and ILO Conventions nr 100 and 111)
  • Deliberate crimes against central international agreements in the environmental area (defined in the UN Climate Convention and the Kyoto protocol)
  • Corruption, extortion and / or bribery (defined in the UN Convention against Corruption)

Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy - CB Fonder

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report - CB Fonder

Diversity Policy

Diversity Policy - CB Fonder

Exclusion List

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Sustainability Related Disclosures

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Pre-contractual disclosures

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Periodic Disclosures

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Principal Adverse Impact (PAI)

Principal Adverse Impact - CB Fonder
Principal Adverse Impact - CB Save Earth Fund
Principal Adverse Impact - CB European Quality Fund
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