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A cookie is a small text file with information that has been sent from our web server and saved by your browser. Cookies are used to make web pages more adapted to you and your choices. On www.cbfonder.se cookies are used so your browser can "remember" for example your language settings. Furthermore, information about the operating system, browser and version used, which pages are popular and less popular, etc. is stored. This information allows us to develop and optimize the website. Cookies of this kind are usually stored on your computer's hard drive until you, or the server that sent them, delete them.

We use statistics in aggregate form for users / traffic and service providers. Such statistics never includes any kind of personal information and therefore can never be linked to your identity..

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In our quest to continually improve our services, we collect information regarding how our visitors navigate on our site. By knowing for example, which pages are most popular, these pages can be highlighted and become easier to find. For this purpose, we use Google Analytics which uses cookies.

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