About CB Fonder


CB Fonder (CB Asset Management AB) was established in 1994 upon licensing from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen), for management of equity portfolios. The company manages two funds: CB European Quality Fund and CB Save Earth Fund. The funds are managed jointly by our management team that is comprised by Carl Bernadotte, Marcus Grimfors and Alexander JanssonPär Ståhl is assistant portfolio manager. All investments are subject to an ethical and sustainable framework and our management concept is based on a truly active decision-making (independent of benchmark index; as in high tracking error and active share), with the objective of generating a competitive risk-adjusted return. Hence, our key principles are an active, ethical and long-term management.


The fund company for CB European Quality Fund is Luxcellence and the fund custodian is CACEIS. The fund company for CB Save Earth Fund is FundRock Nordics S.A. and the fund custodian is SEB S.A. This means that CB Asset Management’s responsibility lies with the management of the funds, whereas the fund administrators are responsible for deposits/withdrawals of the funds, daily valuation, shareholder registry etc.


The company CEO is also responsible for the handling of complaints.


LEI for CB Asset Management is 549300OW8GZUKSGDZF75



Private as well as institutional investors seek return on their investments. That is the foundation of all investment theory and practice. The strategy is to invest long-term in companies that are considered to have the ability to deliver stable profit growth also during times of recession.


Supervision and outsourced operations

Auditor: BDO Mälardalen AB.


Compliance function: Wesslau Söderqvist Advokatbyrå with Johan Grenefalk as main responsible.


Risk Manager: RPM Risk & Portfolio Management AB with Christina Bergkvist as main responsible.


Responsible for the handling of complaints: Alexander Jansson


Accounting: Adetto AB


IT: Performex Data AB

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