2017-08-31: CB Save Earth Fund is triple finalist in the Sustainable Investment Awards:


CB Save Earth Fund – which we manage with focus on companies benefited by one or more of the three structural growth and megatrends renewable energy, clean technology and water management – has been nominated by Investment Week as the best fund in the categories “Best Environmental Fund”, “Best Ethical Investment Fund” and “Best Sustainable Investment Fund”. Furthermore the fund is the only one to be nominated in three categories and together with Finnish EQ we are the only Nordic managers to receive a nomination.


Investment Week about the Sustainable Investment Awards:


“The awards are aimed at fund managers and organisations who are at the forefront of facilitating or investing in themes that take into account the environment, ethics, as well as social and corporate responsibility, and whose work promotes a greater understanding into the sector's potential. Whether it is clean energy, water, climate change, better healthcare or improved infrastructure, investors are actively seeking ways to invest in companies that supply solutions to these major global challenges.”


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