Fund facts

Inception: Strategy: 15 November 1995, Fund: 2 June 2000
Strategy: Long European stocks listed in countries in MSCI Europe
Holdings: Normally 20-35 stocks
Investment restrictions: Single position - max 10% of AUM
Sum positions >5% of AUM - max 40% of AUM
Target: Outperform MSCI Europe Net - rolling 12 months
Lower standard deviation than MSCI Europe Net

Fund structure & Codes

Fund company: Luxcellence Management Company S.A.
5, Allée Scheffer
L-2520 Luxembourg
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Custodian: CACEIS Bank Luxembourg
5, Allée Scheffer
L-2520 Luxembourg 
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
UCITS-classification: UCITS
Domicile: Luxembourg
Fund currency: EUR
Minimum investment: No
Subscription: Daily
Redemption: Daily
ISIN (Sicav A): LU0112589485
ISIN (Sicav I): LU0806934948
ISIN (Sicav D): LU1179404386
RIC (Sicav): 908840.FBF
Lipper ID: 60079755
Bloomberg (Sicav A): EUREUEA LX
Bloomberg (Sicav I): EUREQIC LX
Bloomberg (Sicav D): CEQEEFD LX


Share class  A/D  I
Management fee:  1.5%  0.5%
Performance fee:  No

 20% of return

 > MSCI Europe

Subscription fee:  No  No
Redemption fee:  No / 1%  No
High-water mark:  n/a

 Yes, collective,

 eternal and relative

Share prices and values may increase or decrease and investments are always associated with a risk of loss. Past performance is never a guarantee for future performance. The information provided in this report is what we to our knowledge believe is correct based on the information made available to us for the purpose of publishing the information here.