CB Save Earth Fund

Investment focus

CB Save Earth Fund was launched 2008 and is a long-only equity fund with a focus on companies active within cleantech, renewable energy and water management.



CB Save Earth Fund aims to outperform its benchmark MSCI World Net over 12 months, with a lower standard deviation than the benchmark.


Investment model

CB Save Earth Fund invests mainly in equities represented in the Cleantech Index, WilderHill New Energy Global Innovation Index and S&P Global Water Index and through actively managed equity funds and ETF:s. The geographical exposure is mainly towards Europe, North America and Asia. The fund is actively managed with a concentrated portfolio and investments are done on a long-term basis. The fund management is subject to an ethical framework and the UN Principles for Responsible Investments, UN PRI.


Share classes

The fund has four share classes:

  • CB Save Earth Fund RC (Lux) - ISIN: LU0354788688
  • CB Save Earth Fund RC-SEK (Lux) - ISIN: LU1760112463
  • CB Save Earth Fund IC (Lux) - ISIN: LU0354788506
  • CB Save Earth Fund ID (Lux) - ISIN: LU1053083884

Twice each year the share class ID (LU1053083884) pays a dividend to its shareholders. In 2020 the dividend will amount to 3% of the NAV as of 12 June and 31 October, respectively. The dividends are paid in June and November.

Portfolio Managers 



Experience:  >30 years
marcus grimfors


Experience:  >10 years


Experience:  >10 years
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